Sunday, December 27, 2009


This Christmas we decided to do things a little differently. When the kids woke up (at 7:45) they were allowed to open their stockings and get their gift from Santa. After that we all headed to the kitchen and made 20 sausage biscuits, boiled water for hot chocolate and got together other things we needed. We were making breakfast bags to hand out to homeless people in our area. We got everything together and loaded it in our car. We drove around for almost 2 hours looking for someone to give a hot breakfast to. We found no one. We knew of a few places homeless men hung around but it had rained recently and the water was high under the bridges. The kids were willing to leave their other gifts at home and drive to Nashville but we had made plans to be at my parents house so we headed back home and froze the food. The kids are ready to do it again next year... and we will be better prepared even if that means driving to Nashville or getting in touch with a local mission here to take food to. After we were back home we opened our gifts from one another.

Christmas afternoon we went to my parents and had dinner there. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew joined us. We did not take many pictures:( Andrew was wanting something orange like uncle Paul so he got it! He wore it that evening, yesterday and has it on again today as well! It was great to be with family!

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