Sunday, January 24, 2010

passports are in hand

Our passports came in the mail yesterday! It is great to have one less thing to wait on! Now we are waiting for our fingerprint appointment and we are praying that we will receive it quickly. We received our passports in about 2 weeks and we were told they would take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

There are 9 families in Rwanda right now. I am following about 4 blogs and I am just overjoyed at the excitement there... I can't wait for our turn!

We have friends diligently working on our fundraiser and the response has been incredible! The generosity of things donated and the willingness to work the night of is amazing. Our adoption is not something that Rusty and Elizabeth are doing alone... it is a community effort to get these kids home. The hands of friends and family, the prayers, people watching our 3 kidos and so much more. It is a great reminder that our lives as Christians is supposed to be about community. Everyone has strengths and talents and experiences that are useful and we are so thankful that we have friends (and friends of friends) that are working and sacrificing on our behalf... overwhelmed with love!

Please continue to pray for us!

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