Saturday, January 9, 2010

pizza bread... using our hands

Yesterday afternoon we unanimously voted to make pizza for dinner! Aubrey got a set of dvds last year... one of which is on bread making and in the dvd there is a recipe for pizza dough. We started it up with paper and pen in hand. One problem was that we were waiting on Rusty (who was going to be late) to bring home all the ingredients except the dough so for an afternoon snack we made pizza bread (from the dvd). We were even able to find herbs (rosemary, thyme and oregano) to still use from the garden even though it has snowed and been below freezing for days on end now! The bread bowl you see in one of the pictures below has been in the family for generations. I usually just keep fruit in it on the counter but homemade dough deserves a handmade bowl! You can tell it is old because when I oiled it it leaked through the cracks in the bottom! It takes time (a lot of it) to make pizza especially when you can run down to Little Cesar's and pick one for $5! This year I want to use my hands more than the years before (whether cooking or serving). I want Aubrey to know how to cook and it not be from using pre-made or frozen foods. The reward is great for the time invested. It is time with Aubrey and it is getting back to a little "simpler" way of life and it is cutting out some other busyness to take time to use our hands which we so often take for granted! With her interest in sewing, candle making and soap making you all better be on the lookout for handmade gifts in 2010!
While Aubrey and I cooked the boys watched a movie with a pickle!

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