Wednesday, February 10, 2010

check out our t-shirts

Check out our ADOPT AFRICA t-shirts we had printed in order to raise money...

The front is a hand print with the outline of Africa in it, the dot is where Rwanda is located. The back says ADOPT AFRICA.

Burnt orange is our only youth color available now. We have M(8-10)-L(10-12). Sold out of small.

These are the adult options... Colors from left to right...Olive, Dusk Blue, Chestnut and Prairie Dust. Adult sizes we have S-M-L-2XL. (out of XL)

$20 each. Will be shipping next Wednesday... no charge for the shipping.

Send orders to
I will need your name, address, and the color and sizes you want.
I will also reply and give you our address where you can mail your check.
(Some colors are already limited due to our recent fundraiser.)

Thanks for looking!

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