Monday, February 15, 2010

successful trip and the big surprise

Well, we made it to MS and back in less than 72 hours. We came home with 3 new mattress sets which were crammed in the back of the truck... literally. They are set up and the kids a are loving them. Aubrey went from a queen sized bed to a twin and is excited!

While we were in MS we were able to be a part of our niece's birthday party! Taylor turned 4!
Birthday girl...

Our big surprise was that we found two puppies that our dog had the day we left for MS. Almost 2 years ago we were told that our Lab mix was past the puppy bearing age. She is going on 12. The kids love them and I am already dreading the day they have to part with them. In Aubrey's words... "I am already attached"! When we got back we were able to move Bandy and her pups in our laundry room... she would not leaver her dog house on Friday.
Sweet and cute but they can't stay forever!


Nick and Mary Leigh said...

they like us mom, can we keep 'em!


Oh my, what a surprise to come home too. If it is going to happen, it is going to happen to you guys. Too funny!