Monday, March 1, 2010

and the golden spoon goes to.....

Carter was in his first ever cake baking contest! It was a part of the Scouts Blue and Gold banquet celebrating 100 years of scouting. He chose to bake a Carrot cake and the only rule was that it had to be a father son effort. I have NEVER made a Carrot Cake myself so I have no idea where came up with the idea but it was great. They only steered off the recipe directions a few times but they still scored a successful win!
greasing pans and grating carrots
3 cups, just right
the batter goes in
out they came
final 3 layered carrot cake complete with toasted pecan cream cheese icing
a glance at a bunch of cakes
During the banquet Carter was also recognized as one of the top 5 popcorn sellers and received $5 for his effort in selling! He was thrilled!


Stacey said...

way to go Carter!

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