Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a time to twist... or not

Yesterday afternoon we made a quick trip to SAMS which usually results in the kids asking for a snack... always the same thing at Target too! Anyway, they did and I denied their request this time. I remembered that I had a bag of soft pretzel mix and decided that might be a fun late afternoon cooking project since Rusty was going to be late coming home. After we allowed the dough to rise for an hour we were ready!
Aubrey buttered them up!
And we REALLY liked them!
I made the traditional one, Aubrey made a heart, Carter made a star and spelled his name and then Andrew made an A (for Andrew)!
On our 2nd batch we did several pretzel sticks with cinnamon and sugar and then made a little cream cheese spread to dip them in... yes, they were delicious BUT no telling how many calories we consumed. It would also explain the small appetites at dinner even though we ate after 7:00 (which is late for us)! It was a fun treat that we will do again sometime!

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Regan said...

Hi Elizabeth,
So glad to meet you and find your blog! What a precious group of kiddos God has given you. I can't wait to see what He does in your family! What a blessing! We are waiting on Amazon to drop Crazy Love at our doorstep at any time! I've heard such good things about it.