Monday, April 12, 2010

an afternoon in the yard

We got a few things done this weekend....
Andrew helped Rusty haul dirt around to the front of the house to fill in the places where we had to dig up the waterline last year.
As we were washing the trucks we sprayed the kids with water and they were loving it. We have our pool ready to swim now BUT the water is still a little cold... about 60 degrees cold! So the this had to do for now!
Another project...
we are growing an avocado tree! It will take ten years to produce any fruit BUT we have researched it and found that they make nice house plants in the mean time! We'll see!
We began a little planting in the garden... garlic, onions, broccoli, lots of herbs, lettuce and spinach! We have started some seeds but I think the birds are eating them out of our pots!

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We started an avocado tree last year. It is growing well and so far has been easy.