Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Poppy Dip

You have to check out It's Poppy Dip- the blog, find out where the name came from! The Couch family (actually Sallee) sews dresses and skirts (known as twirls) to help raise money for their adoptions. They have already been blessed with three biological children and two children from Ethiopia.
You get to choose the fabric, size and style and then it arrives in the mail! Purchase one for your daughter, niece, friend or any little girl you want to bless... they make perfect and unique gifts! And in the end your purchase is helping fund an adoption... you will be part of giving an orphan in Ethiopia a forever family! The pictures below are of Aubrey in her Poppy Dip Twirl and then Aubrey with Ester Couch!
Order a Poppy Dip today and spread the word!

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