Monday, May 10, 2010

community garden

Saturday we were able to go with Aubrey's 4-H gardening group and plant the community garden. This is the first year and trial run to see if it will be something they continue to fund and support. The desire behind the garden is to grow fresh food for those less fortunate or who can't physically do it on their own. This initial year we are "learning" how to grow and take are of a garden and the club members will take home the fruits grown... leaving plenty for those coming behind them. We are free to do whatever we wish with the vegetables when we pick them. Next year, if we are successful, we are going to grow the food and then give it to those who need help. Day one was a huge success and the kids were all excited. I hope that this dream will live and next year we will begin developing relationships with some that need an extra hand or that would love some fresh food! Who knows we may try and give away vegetables from our own personal garden and start the relationships this summer! Why wait? (We give lots away from our garden each year, it has just always been to people we know.)

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