Monday, May 17, 2010

The great flood of 2010

If you ask anyone in our area if they were affected by the recent flood they either were or directly know someone who was. Sunday we were in Nashville (privileged to have dinner with missionaries serving in Sudan) and on our way home we visited some of the hardest hit areas, words can't describe what we saw. The lives and possessions of families cluttered the streets. My heart ached for these people I didn't know.

At my parents church 2 Sundays ago 3 families shared their personal stories and one young man said he has never felt MORE FREE, what a God perspective. Now that all of his "stuff" is gone there is nothing holding him back, nothing tying him down. The community has really rallied around one another. People are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus. Churches are continuing to form groups to help and allow people to post their needs on their websites. I pray that God's great love will be felt by those who need it most and by those that need to be reminded of it. I pray that people would turn from their wicked ways and embrace the Lord.

Please pray for our state. Pray for those who had no insurance (which very very few did) and now have to rely on God (and others working in His name). For the body of Christ, this loss was taken much easier as they understand that these things are not eternal and for others who place their trust in things, this is not easy at all. God is sovereign. May we all be spurred on to get involved in our communities in a much deeper way.

Not only did million dollar homes and multi-million dollar businesses get destroyed but tents of homeless people did as well. Through the beauty of love and compassion those homeless people now have new tents to live in because so many cared about the poor and needy. May our hearts be filled with compassion for all in need in our nation and beyond! Thankful for God's grace today.

Here is a 4 minute video that captured some of the flooding...

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