Saturday, June 26, 2010

SALE- adopt africia t-shirts

Back in February we had a friend design a t-shirt for us to sell at our fundraiser. We still have some left and would like to move them out of here! Below you can see the design.
prairie dust-olive-chestnut-dusk blue

Here is our family at the fundraiser...
Here is what we have left...
  • Praire Dust- S(4)..M(9)..L(2)..XL(2)..XXL(1)
  • Olive- M(2)..L(6)..XXL(4)
  • Chestnut- S(2)..M(3)..L(6)..XL(2)..XXL(2)
  • Dusk Blue- L(4)
We originally sold them for $20 and now they are $15!
I will ship them for FREE!
You can leave your order in the comment box OR email me at

1 comment:

sallee said...

I'll buy OLIVE in size M!!
bring it tonight :)
thanks so much :)