Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mississippi trip

We headed down to MS last week to visit Rusty's family. On Friday we went to the Rutledge Farms and we were able to get peas, beans, okra, honey, watermelon and cantaloupe. The kids got to visit their cousins Anna Gayle and Luke. They had fun looking at the turtle farm (that Anna Gayle made) and the newborn kittens and fun riding bikes around the farm.

Sunday morning before church:)

We were blessed to have spent the day with our friends, the Hasleys! They moved to LA a while back so it was good to reunite with their family. The kids had fun playing inside and out. Their kids have grown up so much! John Reagan and Evie have grown up so much! I think Evie wore herself out playing!

All the MS cousins!
We have one niece on the way so our boys are still way out numbered!

the girls

(birth order)

silly kids

We celebrated Alli's 3rd birthday and Ivan's 30th birthday while we were there!
(Alli is in her cute POPPY DIP we got her)

We went on a couple of frog/toad hunts while we were there and the catch was good!

Our paperwork has been in country for just over 2 months. We are continuing to wait for our approval!



Thanks Elizabeth for cropping me out there! Love the pictures of all the cousins and can't believe Andrew and Carter are the only boys. Too funny! We had a great time.

rutledgeramblings said...

The pics are awesome!!! I want a copy of the one with them laying in a circle - so cute! We will have to be sure to do another next year when we have 3 new ones in the clan :)

Tristen said...

I just found you blog and started following! So excited for you and your waiting :) God's timing is perfect. We hope to be DTR very soon and join you in the wait.