Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the rain won't stop them

I simply LOVE the creativity of kids.
I love how they can live for the moment.
I love how a bump in the road doesn't slow them down or make them angry.
Today the plan was to work on "the club house". After school was wrapped up it started to rain and didn't stopped. The boys still wanted to go out but they feared I would say NO! I let them go very willingly but honestly in my mind I am thinking of the wet clothes, grassy and muddy feet and so on.
Today I decided not to steal their joy but allow it to go to a heightened level. They got to work in the rain on the most important project they can think of... the club house.
They putting up walls on part of the playset.
Here is Andrew making a trip to the shop.
Lots of scraps from daddy's shop!How many nails does it take to hold up 1 board?
brothers = best friends
They stayed a lot drier than I expected. The rain was slow and steady and not blowing at all.
One thing I have discovered about my boys is that if they are working towards a common goal together, they really get along. Sometimes playing with one another leads to a fight or argument but projects like these bring out the best in them and I am thankful to see this and to be their Mom. We can't wait to add another brother to the mix (and sister too, of course)!


Amber said...

Love the picture with all the nails! How cute..nothing is greater than witnessing a child's imagination in action!

Stacey said...

I love it! I also love Carter's t-shirt. Ella needs one like that. Hope to catch up with you soon.


Love the nails! I am sure Daddy is very proud of their work.