Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today a friend stopped by and delivered some fabric for Aubrey (to practice her sewing), a couple of inspiring books for us to read and a most generous check.

We want to recognize every time God works in our lives and one day we are going to publish every post related to our adoption story so our children can see how God brought them to us and how he had a plan for their lives that we could not have created on our own.

When we decided to take Aubrey, Carter and Andrew with us to Rwanda I was scared to tell people. I feared what they might say and ask too many questions about the money. As I feared these "people" I knew God was telling me to take our kids and I don't know why and I still don't know exactly why. After my last post about this possibility I had contact and advice from some people and we made it a firm YES- the kids are going with us. The Lord has continually asked us to step out and trust him and when we do he provides. Our friend who brought the check had no idea it would cover a plane ticket that we didn't have the money for but God did. She had no idea that we had decided to take all 3 kids with us but God did. When I opened the envelope and saw the check I cried on Rusty's shoulder. I cried because God is so God, because I lack faith and because I was so overwhelmed with joy. I wonder how many things I have missed in life because I was too scared to step out when I couldn't see the end, when I did have control or when the outcome was too unclear? I want to always be obedient and know that being obedient doesn't mean that life will be easy but also know that it will be more fulfilling.

Thankful tonight for provisions!


From a full heart... said...

Oh yes, He IS so good! I love this. I love how He shows up when we least expect it. And now that I have been, and knowing your family, you will be SO glad you all went. I can hardly wait til we can all go as a family.


What a great blessing to take all 3 and share in the joy together! What an amazing story! We just love you guys and the time you give to each other as a family.

Melanie said...

That is so awesome!! I'm so glad God's vision is way bigger than what we have for ourselves, you know? I LOVE the new pic of your family and the ones of you and Robin's family. They are BEAUTIFUL!! Yea...for the blessings along the way.