Sunday, November 7, 2010

today... orphan sunday

Today, November 7th, is a day set aside to pray for orphans and make yourself aware of the crisis we have in the world. It also might be the day that you decide to take action in helping orphans.

Last year Orphan Sunday fell on Nov. 8th. We attended my parents church, just as we did this year. It was one year ago that we decided that another way we would help an orphan was to adopt one (or actually 2). My heart was open to adoption for a long time but it was Nov. 8, 2009 that Rusty asked me the question I thought I might never hear... how do we sign up and get started? I was shocked and thrilled all at the same time. The past year has been interesting in many ways. God has been at work on our behalf and we have seen it and give him the glory for bringing us to this adoption process. We have a better understanding of our adoption in Christ. We also have a more keen awareness of the crisis in our world. We have tried to live more simply this past year so we could do simple things to help others. By helping one child you help many, you change lives forever. We sat around far too long looking at pictures, tearing up, hearing the statistics, tearing up, watching videos, tearing up and then we decided to take action instead of cry (actually I am the crier, not Rusty). We are still learning how to serve the least of these among us... here in our town and into other countries but now we do have some action behind our words. We can't solve the orphan crisis or poverty by ourselves but if every christian took serious the mandate to CARE FOR the poor and orphaned we could make a huge difference. Lives would be saved. And one thing we realize better now than ever before is that some people have to have their basic needs met (food/water) before they can even begin to hear the gospel. I can't begin to image the pangs of hunger and thirst that so many suffer. Just give one child dignity or hope and you could create a ripple effect that goes on for generations to come.

Last night we were privileged to hear Peter and Phoebe Sozi (of Divine Care/Grace Ministries in Uganda) speak and he left us with the question... who is Jesus to you what does he mean to you? And if we love him and have a relationship with him how does that look in our everyday lives? I was challenged. Lately it has become very clear to me that I and Rusty are 100% responsible for our children's spiritual growth... too often I place that on the church and I have to stop. Rusty and I are coming up with a plan... how will spiritual growth look in our home. All I know today is that it will look different 1 month from now!

To end this OVERLY WORDY email I am asking for prayer. Rusty and I have served at the local children's home for about 3 years now... it has been a great place of growth for our entire family. The Director recently and very suddenly passed away. We have had very specific prayers for this place and after a board meeting last night things are getting ready to change... for the good. Pray for a new director and for the board to come together in order to better the lives of broken and hurting children. Good Shepherd Children's Home

Thanks for listening... hoping you are not thoroughly confused!


Penelope said...

wow! Rwanda! A country that has been on my heart! Would LOVE for you to add your story to our Adoption Blog Hop!

Anonymous said...

Praying for the children's home in your area... does the board have someone lined up to direct the next season of ministry for this home and for these children in need? We pray God will continue to watch over His children in this home.
The Tees

becoming 7 said...

Penelope- yes, you can add it... I will check out your blog as well!!!

M&E- there is no one currently lined up but the board is doing an interview tomorrow evening. Thanks for praying!