Sunday, November 14, 2010


waiting. This seems to be a word that EVERY adoptive family is familiar with... one of many I should say. The dictionary has many definitions of waiting, one I prefer is used is in verb form (without an object) and it states... is in being and remaining ready and available for use.

We are waiting in expectation that one day we will have a son and a daughter that we have traveled many miles to Rwanda to get and bring home to our family. We anticipate teaching them about God's family as well as ours and what it means to be a Christian. Some days it seems as though this might not happen... almost a dream. As the wait time increases our faith and patience must increase all the more, if it doesn't we can easily slip into a low place, a place Satan loves for us to be but also a place where God will pick us up if we turn our hearts and faces towards him. I find myself doing this daily!

God is preparing us for something great... not only through the miracle of adoption (or so we believe that this is part of it) but something else... what, we do not know, not yet anyway. My life is not "my" life... it is the Lord's and I have to trust and remember that he is in control of all things no matter how big or small. I am thankful that he rescues me, from myself mostly.

Ready and available for use. This can be tough. If I am to be ready and available for the Lord then that means setting all my plans aside and embracing His. Sometimes that means stepping out in hard places that are not yet made clear to us. I am slowly but surly reading through the Bible, hoped to finish in a year but I won't make it and that is ok. I ask myself... what is the motive of your heart. I try and make myself aware of what breaks God's heart here in my home, in my community and in other nations. I try to understand what it means to daily take up my cross. I don't want blind eyes and deaf ears. I need to be quiet before the Lord... forget busyness.

Waiting has made me do a lot of thinking... this is a good thing, a humbling thing.

Rusty and the kids had the privilege of welcoming home a little girl from Ethiopia, she is an orphan no longer which means she no longer waits and her family no longer waits for her. And the kids below her are children of our friends and those kids... you guessed it, are orphans no longer. I pray God continues to teach me through this process of waiting, whatever it is He wants me to learn. Lord, help me because I can't do this on my own.
they are precious:)


The Waggoners said...

...and how much the Lord waits to bring so many of us into His eternal family. He's got the referral pics of the world on his "fridge", longing for the day they are His and the relationship can begin...

becoming 7 said...

SO TRUE, CYDIL... thanks for the reminder! love your wisdom!

From a full heart... said...

I love that so much. Can't wait til we are there to see YOU walk out with your sweet little ones!