Friday, December 10, 2010


Tonight was a fun night.  We met a family back in the summer who adopted two children from Rwanda.  The kids were raised at Home of Hope (their daughter for 3+ years and their son for 4+ years).  And tonight they had dinner with us (they also have 2 biological sons).  It made us SO eager to go get our kids.  We laughed at the hard times they had (b/c they can laugh now)and they gave us some great advice.  When everyone in the Rwandan adoption world was seeming to get so discouraged waiting for their children we got news that there has been movement.  Approvals are being given and excitement is in the air.  We have to continue to pray that a steady pace would be created and maintained.  When you feel God telling you to go, adopt, give a child a home, share your heart, sacrifice sleep and so on you are ready to go... yesterday!  I can totally see God working all along the way and that makes it A LITTLE easier waiting but honestly I am ready to have 5 children in our home and our kids are ready to have a new brother and sister... they have not ceased praying for them and for that I am thankful.  We have no timeline but we know we are on the Lord's time- that saying (the Lord's time) was said by my Grandfather (whom I cherished and admired) a lot growing up.   Even though "the Lord's time" frustrated me then and some now, I can't argue with the truth that God is in control.  We are ready and have been ready and will shout from the rooftops the day our approval comes in!  Please keep praying!  Christmas day will mark 7 months of our dossier being in Rwanda.


Melanie said...

I am so excited for your family. Take courage b/c God is lining up just the right little boy and girl that will fit perfectly in your family. Just knowing that he is getting it all in order for you is encouraging. I will continue praying and can't wait for the day you get your referral. Much Love!

From a full heart... said...

Praying with you, and you KNOW that when they are home this time of waiting will seem like the blink of an eye. You will hardly be able to believe that they were not with you for YEARS when it has only been weeks...because that is where I am now. AMAZING. Love you and your precious heart, my friend!