Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas day

We began our day at home with homemade cinnamon rolls and the story of Christmas.  The kids enjoyed opening their stocking and presents.
Andrew was excited about a Toy Story 3 Lego set.

Carter got the game BOP-IT and loved it, not so sure about the face we caught.

Aubrey got a guinea pig and named him Scooter... she is in love!

Andrew also got a Green Machine...

Aubrey got a bow ans arrow set from Grammy and Papa so she gave it a try!

Cooper got some apple sauce in his stocking from Grammy and he dove right in!

 Uncle Paul, Andrew and Carter made a little time for football even though it was freezing out!

Christmas day also marked 7 months for our dossier arriving in Rwanda.  I never thought we would wait this long.  We prayed for our children this day like we do every other day and now we pray more specifically- Lord, bring them quickly.  We thought they would be on our Christmas card this year but now we are praying that this is true for next year.  We already love those 2 that we are eagerly anticipating being part of our family!  The kids are eager to share their lives with them.  They daily say something about their new brother and/or sister. 

Still resting in HIM- the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and choosing joy in this circumstance!

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