Wednesday, February 23, 2011


tonight i am praying for...
  • families that will travel to rwanda soon

  • for a friend and internet "friend" in uganda and another friend ready to leave for that country soon

  • a little boy in south korea and his sweet family here 
  • a family waiting to travel to china to get their son with a missing limb and another family waiting to be matched with a special needs daughter
  • two families waiting to be matched with a son and daughter in ethiopia 
  • a child in hong long waiting for his tennessee family
lord there are so many orphans. 
i am thankful that soon there will be several less. 
draw the hearts of christians to the hearts of orphans.

did you know or have you recognized that many christians known for zeal and devotion in christ have been committed to the care of children and orphans...
and the list goes on.
i am glad that the lord awakened us to the needs of orphans and i pray he continues to break our hearts for them, that we may never stop loving and serving god children in many ways.

my heart is heavy tonight.


mary leigh said...

and tonight I pray for two precious children to be revealed to you!! (and SOON!)

Scott Family said...

I saw us on the list. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Scott Family said...

I saw us on the list. Thank you sweet sister!!