Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend fun

Here is a bit of our weekend in reverse order...
Andrew caught a HUGE crawfish out of a small plastic pond in my parent's backyard--

We had the cub scout Blue and Gold banquet Saturday evening, Papa came to see the boys!
Carter got his Bear badge and Andrew got his Tiger.  Both boys were recognized for their popcorn sales. 

 This is a castle we built for the banquet (actually Rusty did, we helped a little)!
 The banquet included a father/son cake baking/decorating contest.  Carter won last year but this we neither boy won, but they had lots of fun creating a cowboy boot and an ice age cake.

 Rusty had to auction off the top 10 cakes!
 We had fun bowling with a home school group for Valentines day!
We ended the weekend at a Narnia party for a new friend... the kids loved it, we loved it!  They have 2 children from Rwanda (Home of Hope) and we love feeding off of their experience.  We enjoyed some video of their time in Rwanda and Nairobi.  Sorry, no pics from our time there:(

Looking forward to a new week:)

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How exciting watching the video! I can imagine the joy that must have filled your hearts knowing it will be your experience soon.