Monday, March 14, 2011

still waiting

We are still waiting for news from Rwanda that we have been approved.  My heart is eager and my hope is strong.  As news seems to come weekly in the form of approvals and referrals I find myself checking my email often, kinda crazy I know.  I try to imagine life with more children, the craziness and joy it will bring and I can't wait, I am excited.  We have changed our minds again about who will be making this trip with us... Andrew is staying home.  His spunky impatience is not going to be a benefit while we WAIT and figure things out as we go in foreign countries so he is staying in TN.  He has never been very excited about going so we basically left the decision up to him (for the most part) and he has just requested that we bring him a hat that says Rwanda, he also wants a drum.  I will miss him.  Besides Rusty, he is the first to kiss me in the morning and I love it! We hosted a marriage retreat this weekend with some friends of ours and we were away from the kids for 3 nights.  Andrew missed us.  I want to be very strategic when we leave.  I want to leave him notes and fun things to do while we are gone.  He is excited about spending the night with "lots" of different people.  His best friend Reese will have him over, my brother, my parents and others have offered so we will have to see.  There is a lot on my mind and in my heart.  While we wait we will begin to learn a little Kinyarwanda!

Here is a pic of some visitors we had at our cabin on our retreat and our view...
All I had was my camera phone (it stinks) but I still snapped a few shots.  The mountains were covered with snow when we arrived and then Saturday and Sunday were short sleeve weather, what a beautiful weekend!

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Benton Family said...

Been checking your blog for news, too! Praying friend! ;)