Thursday, April 7, 2011

11 years and counting

11 years ago today little aubrey anna rutledge entered this world.
we brought her home weighing just under 5 lbs.
being her mom has been a delight, she has taught me much.
here are a few picture over the years...


the next pictures were all taken today.

she has always been a giver and we pray she continues to give as generously as she already does.
she chose to donate her hair (for the 2nd time) on her birthday.

she loves her new haircut:)

we want her to seek god first in everything, always.
we pray that she loves jesus and understands grace.
we love you aubrey:)
happy birthday!

*to add to an already exciting day, we received our fingerprint appointments from the uscis in the mail today!  travel shots monday april 11th and fingerprint update on may 3rd!

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Blessed Bentons said...

Happy Birthday to one AMAZING young lady!!! I pray that I raise my daughters to have such a heart for others as you do!

Elizabeth-so excited that you guys are another step closer-we are continuing to pray, pray, pray!!! ;)