Friday, April 29, 2011

love his excitement

At 4 am this morning Carter visited Rusty and in bed (very unusual, only happens if he is really sick).  I woke up to the repeated sound of "hey mama".  When I realized he was there and that he was ok I had to find out the real reason for such an early visit.  With much excitement in his voice (very chipper for so early) he tells me that it is 4 o'clock here and that it is 11 o'clock in Rwanda and that I may need to check my email because our referral could be in by now!  Really?  You thought through all that this early in the morning?  HE DID!  He thought maybe they sent it before they went to lunch!  He is very eager as we all are to see and learn the faces of the newest Rutledge family members.  So, no news at 4 am and no news now but I am so thankful for the excitement stirring in our home!  One day soon we will all be together!

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