Monday, May 30, 2011

up the mountain- Day 17

Wow, day 17... that is a lot for folks who don't travel much!

Woke up early to lots of sunday chanting!

We had a few sick this morning so we decided not to go swimming but we did go purchase some coffee (we will be well stocked between Rwanda and Ethiopia) and go up a mountain.  The drive up was quite the experience... 1000's of people walking to church and many more just sitting or lying on the side of the road where they stay most of the time.

The afternoon was slow but at 7:00 we had reservations for a VERY authentic Ethiopian resturant which included some neat food and live dancing and singing, the kids loved it.

On the way home we stopped at what seemed to Addis Ababa's Starbucks and got a cake and brought it back to our guest house (which I highly recommend staying here, more details later).

Nap and bed went better for Benjamin.

The kids are great.  We are well.  We are blessed.

Pray that all goes well at the embassy tomorrow and we do indeed get to come home as our plane tickets are scheduled!


rutledgeramblings said...

Praying, praying, praying! We are ready to welcome you home on Wednesday!

My kids are about to bust open they are so excited! (We are too, we are just controlling ourselves a bit better! lol!)

Kim said...

They are sweet, sweet! Found your blog through Nicole's. My husband and I are just beginning the adoption process to adopt a little girl from Russia. I'm going to read around on your blog to learn about your journey. Your little sweeties are adorable!