Wednesday, June 22, 2011

just because

here are some pictures just because i love them...

he is so proud of his bike and even rode it around the neighborhood last night

they both wanted to look at the water instead of the camera

first time going head first down a twisty slide

kissable lips:)

he loves dumping water on his head!

watering the garden with stacking cups... in camo water boots

cute girl in a cute bathing suit

first popscile... no words needed
(she did not eat the whole thing, but loved it)

 again, no words needed 
(my favorite 4 of the entire post)

benjamin was giving us directions... come and sit... we totally cracked up at him

andrew and hope

Benjamin and Hope both went in for a physical with our pediatrician yesterday and it went well until.... it was time to get blood to check for lead, anemia and chicken pox (we think they may have had them)!  Benjamin did fantastic with all 3 viles-- what a trooper!  And then there was Hope... no vein to be found that will work.  We ran into the same thing in Rwanda when they took blood, they couldn't get blood from her arm.  Five technicians and an hour later they decided to prick her finger.  She screamed (A LOT) until they decided to prick her finger.  And during that time Benjamin had enough of waiting so he and Rusty didn't have a lot fun the last hour of the 2.5 hours we were there!  I was just so thankful Rusty was able to go... it was very last minute that he did decide to go.

We had a successful trip to a friends pool (me and the 5 kids) and also to the grovery store (just me and Hope and Benjamin).

Benjamin is listening SO MUCH better.  Bed and nap are still not fun.  The gum reward has worked off and on and now the popsicle reward is working... we'll see how it goes.

Hope is getting louder and louder and into everything.  Lots of fun!

Benjamin's personality is coming out or just simply developing... he is a little performer!  He loves to make us laugh.  He loves to sing and dance and throw himself around and make up songs.

Three weeks home and we are at a better place than I ever could have imagined... these kids are great (a little added work but great)!

I do have to say that I went grocery shopping for the first time today since being home.  Rusty had been to get milk, eggs, coffee creamer and  diet coke but we have been so blessed with meals and groceries given to us that we were 3 weeks home before we really needed to go shopping!  Amazing!  God blessed us with really good friends!

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Melanie said...

Love the pics Elizabeth. They are great! Benjamin will be riding that bike without training wheels in no time. It's truely amazing how much they learn so quickly...