Friday, June 3, 2011

swimming- Day 18

We made our 9am appointment to have Benjamin's TB test read and it was NEGATIVE, so glad!  From there we went to the Sheraton to swim and have lunch.  It rained off and on the entire time but Benjamin loved it!  There was a water slide and he thought that was great.  Hope and I just watched.  The pool was heated but it is so much cooler here than we expected it to be. 

Benjamin loves play dough and it holds his attention well.  He is having great mornings and ok afternoon and evenings.  We can see a connection in misbehavior and lack of sleep.  When he is well rested he is joyful and fun.  When he is tired he is harder to deal with... sounds like most kids!  He has been "in charge" of himself in so may ways since he was born authority and boundaries are tough for him!

Hope continues to laugh more and show more of her personality.

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