Sunday, June 26, 2011

two unexpected gifts

Last week Aubrey checked the mail and said we got "this" and "all these cards"... to our surprise we were given a surprise shower by mail from Rusty's Mom's sisters, brother, mother and neices and nephews.  Their words were so encouraging and their gifts so generous.  We were blown away by the kindness!  It was overwhelming as we opened one card after another... it is amazing how the Lord provides!

And this past Saturday some friends called and said they had something for us and would be over in 20 minutes.  We really couldn't imagine what it was.  Just take a look...

Yes, delicious fresh picked blueberries!  Janet introduced me to the blueberry farm several years ago and ever since I have taken the kids each year and picked and picked and picked until they couldn't take any more... we needed to freeze enough for the year!  These berries are so GOOD!  So this year Janet thought that I just might not make it out with 2 new little ones at home so she and her husband and daughters went picking for themselves and also for us!  If you have ever picked blueberries you know that this is a great gift!  A gift thatnot only involved money but time, they could have had a lot more blueberries for themselves but they gave them to us!  We were so excited about these blueberries!  The next day we made blueberry pancakes and we have eaten them by the handfuls too!  I have to freeze some so don't eat them all.  I will have to do some muffins and a pie before they all get put away... like tomorrow!  It was great to see the Mabry family this Saturday morning... sweating with wet grassy shoes and huge smiles on their faces!!  LOVE IT!  And for dessert tonight we had blueberries but Carter and Andrew had a stacking competition first before they ate them!

Yep... sometimes we play with our food before we eat it:)

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Blessed Bentons said...

Can I just tell you that I love reading your blog...God shows up in every single post. It's an incredible testimony, sweet sister!

LOVE the pics too! They make me smile!