Tuesday, July 19, 2011

camping in july- cub scouts

Yes, that's right!  Camping in July and that means hot sweaty nights... no one even wanted a bonfire!  This year Rusty took Carter and Andrew and the rest of us stayed at home.  We actually went for the day Saturday since it was only 30 minutes from home.  Here are LOTS of pictures from the trip...

Rusty bought the boys sling shots and ammo right before the trip!

 setting up the tent... have to do it on their own now!

fishing fun... andrew has a new passion!

 even a princess can go camping (or camping for the day)!

 he now knows what a party blower is and LOVES it:) can't wait for his birthday!

sat by the shore side and watched the boats... could not get enough!

discovered rocks... pretty cool!

built a fort in teh woods!

fell asleep in the backpack...

the ranger gave a lesson on 'leave no trace'

benjamin WANTED to carry the trash bag... creative!

 we saw lots of deer...

 listening to the ranger....

first time in a hammock!

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Annah said...

Tabitha loves the picture with the Tiara.