Sunday, July 10, 2011

first family photo

Today we went to church for the first time since we have been home from Rwanda.  What a great feeling to be worshipping again in a place that is filled with the spirit of God... we have missed it!  (The spirit of God was in Rwanda no doubt but this was what we have missed).

We took the kids with us to the service and that went well considering it was our first attempt!  Hope was LOUD (and it is in all caps for a reason)... the girls loves to "talk" and wouldn't stop so when the sermon started she lasted about 5 minutes and then Rusty took her out. You can say she was a happy loud and lively baby... our daughter who has been SO shy was playing peek-a-boo with anyone behind her that would look at her and of course everyone was playing along so she laughed and laughed and then was escorted out to the lobby! Benjamin made in through the entire service... a little coloring, a little snack and lap hopping, but he made it!  We went to Sunday school and introduced Hope and Benjamin to those that were there and then went to my brothers for lunch... we did not want to push it our first week.  Between church and Sunday school we visited many friends in the lobby and Benjamin had a hard time staying close by us.  He reverted to running off like he had in Rwanda but not nearly to the same extent.  Since he loves the stroller we may take it next time.  While we were there we ran into a couple that also adopted from Home of Hope and they have been home about 2 weeks longer than us... their son is a month younger than Hope!  SO fun to meet their new little guy!

One last detail about today... would you believe that we had to WAKE UP all 5 kids this morning!  This is a first since we have been home!  There have been plenty of days I would have loved to slept in (and had the chance to)!

Anyhow, the reason for the post is show our first picture of all 7 of us together.  We didn't take one in the airport or any time since until today... my sis-in-law snapped this on her front porch right before lunch!

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