Tuesday, August 23, 2011

loved the lake

This past weekend we traveled up to KY to spend the weekend with Rusty's family (one of his brothers and sister-in-law do the care taking for the TN/KY Salvation Army Camp).  The other brother (and his family) got to meet Benjamin and Hope for the first time.  It was a great.  We have stayed so close to home (many weeks not leaving the house for days... lots of days) so this was a big deal... spending the night away from home since our return from Africa.  It went great... amazingly great!  We decided to put Benjamin in a pack-n-play for bed and it was great... he slept for almost 12 hours both nights (he was a little long for it but it was cozy).  Vacations like these I love.  Outdoors most of the time... saw lots of deer and turkeys, even a skunk and rattle snake.  We had no computer, no cell phones and rarely knew what time it was!  So here are a few highlights from our trip...

benjamin knee boarded a few times!
 and he has a special cousin that he loves to play with
 all of the cousins

 benjamin drove the boat (vic gave him a little too much control... wild ride)
 hope rode and swam and said the word boat 1,000 times
 all of the 3 older kids have knee boarded several times but this trip carter was able to ride backwards... he was so excited
Rusty and I took 425 pictures so we will post a bunch more on facebook:)

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The Hasley Household said...

I love reading the blog and watching all the experiences Benjamin and Hope are having that they would never have experienced had it not been for your obedience and the Lord placing them in your family. So very precious!