Friday, September 9, 2011

hot dogs in the backyard

As a tradition we roast hot dogs one night while we are camping, the kids love it!  This past weekend when we went camping we arrived to the campground later than planned so we boiled our hot dogs instead of roasting them (since it was bedtime for the kids).  Obviously not nearly as good so we had a little fire in the backyard, complete with smores, this evening and the kids are camping out (the 4 oldest)!  Our tent was set up to dry today (first day with NO RAIN since we have been home). 

i love the way she looks at him, now:)


YES, just help yourself to some more mac-n-cheese (we never ate it while camping)

 he could get used to these on the weekends:)
 not sure why he is in the stroller or what that face is about!

and it is 8:30 and time for bed... daddy is praying with them (Benjamin has started asking to pray at meal time and bedtime... tonight he broke out with God Our Father... haven't sung it in 6-8 weeks, cracked us up)!  Have to do a post on the changes that have taken place here!

just a side note... Rusty picked up Sushi for the 2 of us to eat:)  slightly better than hot dogs!!

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The Hasley Household said...

Love all the pictures! So precious.