Saturday, October 1, 2011

this week

This week we took off Tues-Fri for our fall break.  Aubrey went with a friend to Ohio and the rest of us went to my parent for a couple of nights (carter and andrew helped rusty start a shed project) and today has just been fun at home.  We ended the day with a bonfire and marshmallows (except Hope, she was in bed).  Here are some pictures...


Benjamin's personality is coming out more and more (or developing, not sure which it is).  Anyway, when Rusty put the 3 boys to bed he sat down on Benjamin's bed and said, how about this..." and said something in Kinyarwandan.  Benjamin would laugh and then started doing the same thing excpet he would sing pieces of songs and do little chants in Kinyarwandan and laugh.  I wish I could have seen all of this but I missed it!

Off to Andrew's soccer game in the morning and then to MTSU's homecoming game with lot of adoptive families!

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