Thursday, November 3, 2011

a priceless gift

Two years ago on Orphan Sunday (which happens to be this Sunday)
we decided to adopt.  Today, as you now, we have Hope and Benjamin and truly can't imagine life without them.  Part of adoption for us involved fundraising.  In February of 2010 we had a dinner at Jim-N-Nick's and held a silent auction.  For the auction Carter painted an African tree on a canvas.  The bid even before auction day was $100.  It sold for a lot of money!  Our friends (who we barely knew then) bought the painting, had it framed and then gave it back to us after we came home with Hope and Benjamin.  This friend said that if her son had painted it to help bring children into their family she would have wanted it in her home so she gave it to us.  I LOVE IT!  It hangs in our dining room:)
The frame is perfect and we never ever expected it to hang in our home but we sure are glad it does!  Thanks J- and family, we love you and love the gift!

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