Monday, November 21, 2011

service with a smile

side note...  After our long rainy days inside we were blessed with several sunny and beautiful days to be outside, thank you Lord!

On Friday night Aubrey and I made some stuffed shells together (being creative with our deer meat) and during our preparation she asked if she could finish up dinner on her own and then serve everyone at the table like a waitress... she loves this kind of stuff.  So I quickly agreed and she made some sweet tea, toasted some sour dough bread we made that day, made a salad and set the table.  We were asked to wait in the living room and then we were promptly seated and our orders were taken.  Aubrey never even ate at the table with us, she ate standing in the kitchen as she served seconds and gave refills... she loves to serve and that is one of our favorite qualities we see in her.  And no post here (not usually) would be complete without pictures!!

and yes, our dinner was even eaten by candle light and dimmed over head lights... no detail left undone:)

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