Friday, November 4, 2011


Our family loves to help the community.  Our biggest obstacle... we are way too selfish with our time.  It is hard to give it up.  I hate the way I feel like I "deserve" my down time or a break.  Now, I think we all need a break but I think we afford ourselves an abundance of it at times:)  Adding 2 more kiddos does not make this easier but more challenging with balancing naps and what a 1 year old and 4 year old can be a part of.  So today we went to GREEN HOUSE MINISTRIES and helped organize and stock the food pantry, sorted diaper and baby clothes.  We have been there before and sorted lots of clothes.  This ministry ROCKS, they do so much good for the community of Murfreesboro... the underprivileged.   So the kids and I and Caroline went over for a few hours this morning and they all did great.  Hope was done by the time we left, she was stroller bound most of the time!  I grabbed on quick shot (with my not-so-good phone) where the kids were stocking bins for personal hygiene bags for the homeless...
Benjamin was VERY helpful, very, very helpful!  He did the best with stacking mac-n-cheese and cereal.   We hope to do this once or twice a month.  If you live in the Murfreesboro area and want to give... Green House is very low on foods right now.  Canned veggies (with the exception of green beans), fruit cups, Vienna sausages (used for food bags for the homeless)... you name it they probably need it.  There are lots of needs there.  Click on their name above to find out more about them!

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Annah said...

The DOA's (our Girls Group) Went Wednesday and sorted clothes and stocked the pantry. I was amazed at how much work there was for them to do. They got a lot done in a short period of time. We will be doing that again soon.