Tuesday, December 6, 2011

christmas tree cutting

It is by far our most favorite tradition at Christmas time.  We are all together, we work together, we make a decision together and then we go home and sort though ornaments that have such significant meaning to us, to others they are just ordinary ornaments.  For example we have a bear fishing... to some that is goofy and means nothing BUT for us it is a constant reminder of the beautiful woman who gave it to us to remind us to always be fishers of men, the same lady who gave up hours of her time to sit and talk and pray with us.  In our house this is a highly anticipated and really fun day!  So I have pictures, of course!  This way totally cool to Benjamin, totally!

Hope got to ride on Daddy's shoulders due to the rough terrain.

This boy ALWAYS wants his picture taken:)

Benjamin got to use the saw to help cut down the tree...

And he learned the word T I M B E R:)

Someone was commenting on how cute the kids were and there was NO hope in getting the 2 littlest to look at the camera!

Andrew has a partner in dragging the tree back!
love the face showing how hard he is working... he has very little weight at all!
  and maybe the best picture of the day... not getting her way with the hot chocolate... at this point she had calmed down, got TONS of stares as she screamed her way through the gravel lot!

hay ride time.  Benjamin asked if we would see cows... he remembered from the only other hay ride he had been at in the fall!

totally a rwandan thing, he does this all of the time...

oops, someone didn't get the lights put away properly last year!!

again... mama, take my picture!

cleaning the pine needles!

and a perfect ending to the evening... hot chocolate in the mugs that have been passed down for at least 3 generations if not 4!

Great day, fun times... and we got the kids in bed and the house was a wreck... a total and complete disaster is a more accurate way to put it!  We were up until 1am baking for Room In the Inn and between batches of cakes and cookies we got the dishes washed, the scattered decorations pick up, most of the parts to the nativity scene gathered back up, toys put away, laundry put away and then crashed!

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