Thursday, January 5, 2012

as requested

so last year this was 1 of the 2 pictures on our christmas card...
(i pulled it off shutterfly and the quality went way down)
if you did not see it, i talked about filling the empty chairs hopefully by christmas 2011...
well, my intention was to take a picture with the chairs filled for our christmas card this year (2012)... actually that was the intention and then i forgot!

i had several people tell me that they couldn't wait to see the card with the new "chair picture"... that was after i had ordered pictures ro go with our first ever christmas letter!!

so then after people received our card/letter several more people said they could not believe that i did not use a "chair picture"... where were you people and your reminders in early dec.????
i totally would have done that one... no doubt.

anyway, i took some pictues today of the kids in the chairs.
i would say total failure!
apparently the sun was hitting my lens, much to my unawareness! and it is just hard to get 5 kids to look or smile at the same time!

between the little 2 acting silly and everyone laughing (except me)... it was suppose to be a simple shot... it wasn't... i did not get a good picture, at all...

here are a few...

i guess they are not horrible but not what i was expecting, oh well!

so there you have it... THE CHAIR PICTURES!

and this is just about the way hope felt about the whole thing...

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Miranda said...

I think they are all great, I don't mind the light glare. Very neat idea. Your oldest 3 have really grown alot in a years time. Your family is really special!! Hope you all are doing well!