Saturday, January 21, 2012

the perfect gift

Rusty has been working at the home of a couple that we used to be in small group with about 4 years ago.  They are moving to another side of town so they gave us a few things.... clothes for the kids, books and this great little battery powered 4-wheeler for Benjamin...
This little dude was about to come out of his skin when we woke up from nap and saw this and found out it was HIS!  Andrew is second behind him in excitement...
He has wanted his own 4-wheeler since his older brothers have them and now he has one (that goes slower and is safer that he can control)!  He likes being in control... A LOT... drives me a little crazy!

Notice the scarf on Benjamin... he loves it and wants to wear one every time he goes out when it is cold... he would go barefoot but not forget the scarf!

Speaking of Benjamin I was reminded this evening of one of the things I meant to put in the update about him... he likes the flavor of lotion, any kind or any brand.  We lotion the kid down -almost daily- and tonight was one of those nights after bath I put lotion on him right away and then let him run around naked for a while... he likes it!  I kept catching him licking his arms and legs... why not his hands, well because while we were still in the bathroom he licked all the lotion off his hands.  STRANGE!  He just tells me that it tastes good... ok!

Benjamin also had his first dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago.  He has a pretty bad under bite so in about a year we are looking at having to pull his top jaw out and push his bottom jaw in.  This will be done by wearing some sort of head gear at night.  Other than that (not so) minor thing he is great.  He loved the hygienist and dentist and wants to go back... not me, 6 of us at the dentist with no insurance is not fun for Mama!  BUT if you happen to read this blog and you live in Murfreesboro and you need a dentist DR. GRIDER is your man.   AWESOME!  And that is putting it lightly!  He knows his patients, he knows we pay cash and helps us out a little, he does not push any treatment or procedure and he and his staff are SO good with the kids... a blessing to us!

I also should have mentioned in my update post that Benjamin gets his body parts confused (he knows his male parts but his others he is confused about them).  Like today his nose was cold and he needed a hat... he was pointing to his ears... funny but crazy.  Hope knows her eyes from her nose from her hands from her back... you get the point!

Crazy life here...

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