Monday, April 9, 2012

our newest additions

We have bunnies!

Three to be exact.

We started with two, they were to share but Aubrey and Carter quickly laid claim on them and everyone else was ok with it.

Carter's died after two days (Benjamin calls him broken) so the pet store let him choose another one and then we had three.  My mom went with us to the pet store and Carter had forgotten his shoes so I stayed in the car with some of the kids and out they came with two more so now we have three:)


Andrew choose this one because its hair reminded him of his own:)
Its a dwarf.

Carter choose the brave and daring one.
She has jumped out of the box several times.

The chase is on...

 and back-up is called in...
 the rescue, with Daddy's help...

And guess who else loves the bunnies???
And she will even take them out of their box and let them go:)

Now we have 3 bunnies, a dog and a guinea pig.  That is ALL until we have a different place! 
But I am a sucker for animals:)


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