Saturday, April 28, 2012

spring: my favorites

local fresh strawberries!

 we made lots of jelly, froze several quarts for homemade ice cream, oat meal, etc.

 we have several in our yard despite the lack of trees we have, i love birds!

big, bright, beautiful flowers
gerber daisys are some of my favorite, a gift from my mom!

garden vegetables!
if you live on the west side of murfreesboro, we have enough broccoli for you!
last year we ate off of 3 plants very plentifully!  this year we have 9:)
so far we have planted broccoli, swiss chard, lettuce, onions and green beans...
the rest will go in some time this week!

SPRING- what a great time of year! 
God and all he created is so obvious in spring...  Overflowing with His goodness!

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mary leigh said...

The browns LOVE broccoli! We planted four plants but I had no idea they got so big so they are way toooooo close together and may not make it ;( aw well beginners!