Monday, May 7, 2012

crazy house

the kids are winding down the school year, several subjects completed!

we are doing some "work" around here to get our house ready to sell, crazy! like ripping out bathtubs:)

we have had 3 baby birds in our house in the past couple of days... don't know why.
     a wood pecker, a black bird and a dove (we think)- all babies

a certain 4 year old gave himself a bath with toilet water this morning, nice:)

the kids have been swimming, cold but loving it! not me!

we have landscaped the outside of the house, in a thunderstorm, had to finish.

making cards for aubrey to sell, show you pics soon!

coming up on hope's birthday and 1 year of having hope and benjamin with us!

andrew went fishing with my dad and sallee's husband and they caught 124 crappie in one morning!
     i would have loved to have been there:)

life is rolling by in a hurry.

haven't taken many pictures but here is one i have never posted...
a picture of a picture, nothing to do with this post

our friends children from rwanda too, they all live near us:) with peter, the poa

ready for summer!

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