Tuesday, December 18, 2012

how can he be 11

Today is Carter's 11th birthday!

It is so hard to believe that our first baby boy who cried his way through the first year of his life, who wowed us with his elaborate prayers at 2, who could follow 100 steps of instruction at 5 turned 11 today.  

When those older and wiser than you tell you that the time will fly, it does.  Some of those moment seem like you will never see tomorrow but we make it through them and in a blink of an eye our son is 11.  Brilliant with technology, motivated by video and computer games, loves art of any kind, loves to read, is starting to create stop motion videos again and  can turn the most random pieces of paper into some amazing origami.

Carter doubled up on school work yesterday so he did not have anything but Bible and science today.  We surprised him with bowling this afternoon, Rusty came home from work early.  And tonight we had steak and shrimp kabobs (have I mentioned that he has expensive food tastes? and we have never made steak and shrimp kabobs before but the kids always pick the meal on their birthday... long gone are the days of pizza or mac-n-cheese with this one)! 

Anyway, we are blessed by this son of ours!

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Brandi Hasley said...

I think you picked the perfect title for this post. I can't believe Carter is 11. Time is passing too quickly. Happy Birthday Carter!