Monday, December 10, 2012


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We trust you and your family are well this Advent season.
We have had a full and blessed year.

In September our family moved from a neighborhood to a restored 1890's farmhouse on 20 acres.
The kids have discovered caves, canyons, animal skulls and bones and so much more.
We live in the country but are just 5 miles from the grocery store and restaurants.

Aubrey is now 12.
She is a compassionate dreamer who enjoys cooking, sewing and giving to others.
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Carter is 10 (soon to be 11).
He is an engineer to the core.
Always building and inventing. 
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Andrew is 8.
He is an outdoors-man for sure.
He loves exploring, fishing and wants to start hunting.
He can be found on a 4-wheeler many afternoons.
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Benjamin is 5.
He always wants to help.
He loves books and is eager to start school.
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Hope is 2!
She is sassy and entertaining all of the time.
She loves dirt, bugs, insects and animals.
She also loves baby dolls and dresses.
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God has been so good to us.
This year we chose to send out our card electronically so we could give more to a family in need.
A family who might be spending their last Christmas with their mother.
A family of 8 who has given so much to others.
A mother (who could just as easily be me) is suffering greatly.
Our hearts break this joyous season and we are reminded that suffering is part of the fall.
We are reminded of Christ whose suffering was indescribable.
Let us be thankful for what we have while we have it because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

May the peace of Christ be with you.
Much love,
Rusty, Elizabeth, Aubrey, Carter, Andrew, Benjamin and Hope

The pictures above were a gift to our family from a local photographer, Kristin Leisman...
We met Kristin after she donated to our silent auction and she has continued to give to our family.

You can email me for our new address...
rutledge98 (at) gmail (dot) com

(We did send this out via email but we know we missed many people who usually get cards from us.)

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