Tuesday, January 29, 2013

where to start

Sallee's funeral was beautiful and tearful.  If you happened to attend her funeral and didn't know her on a personal level you would have felt like you knew her when you left.  The music was perfect, the scripture was perfect, the stories were perfect and the sun was shining as bright as it possibly could.  So now this family moves on without a mom and a wife.  Two girls hoping to attend college in the fall, 3 kids in school and 1 in preschool.  If Montie did not know and trust the Lord I don't know how he would make it.  

Our family.  

  • Well, we went through a round of colds and upper respiratory infections.  
  • I attended a adoptive moms conference this past weekend.  Got to see Laurie and Becky who we were in Rwanda with.  While I was away Rusty got a stomach virus and managed to lose 10lbs in about 3 days...  And I found out that our dear friend Bridgett's cancer is back.  She had a mastectomy on one side, went through the treatments, got a clean bill of health and now it is back in the other breast at stage 4... that just plain stinks, I hate it in fact.  
  • Carter won 2nd place in the speech contest in Poultry Club last night (we found out that our 52 3-day old chicks arrive April 1st).
  • We moved the cats outside, they pooped on the carpet 1 too many times.
  • My friend from college that I probably haven't seen since 1996 came with her family today, so refreshing to catch up with them.  They also have adopted.  Their 2 children are from Albania and their family is moving to Albania this summer to do full-time mission work.  I didn't take any pictures (but Cydil did).  You can follow their journey on their BLOG

So that hits the high points with us.  Here are some pictures...

Aubrey chose to "give up" her Christmas gifts this year in order to help the Couch family... this is the ONE thing I had already purchased for her...
 perfect, isn't it?

salamander eggs, kinda like frog eggs except instead of being in a long single line they are in one big clump, we'll see if that hatch

These 2 are crazy.
Crazy about each other and crazy about life.


After our company left today, she crashed.



currently my favorite coffee mugs
 the red one is from my retreat, the white one is from becky- she had them made after her dad passed away- it was his phrase

she loves to dress herself

cats, the kids are in love

Life is full.
I am blessed.
My faith is stretched every single day.
God is good.

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