Friday, February 15, 2013

celebrating love

Our week started off a little crazy.  Long story short, Aubrey and Carter ended up flying to Big Pine Key, FL with my mom on Tuesday so they are gone for 9 days.  They took spring break early.  
Wish I were there, it is so tropical and WARM!

So yesterday morning we only had 3 of the 5 kids here.
Andrew was initially supposed to go to FL but he has been sick and we did not think it would be wise on our part to send him so Aubrey went in his place.  We wanted the day to be extra special here for him.
Rusty and I wrote each child a note and gave them a very small gift.
We made pink heart shaped pancakes and made bacon (especially for Andrew), they even got strawberry milk!

 Rusty was off to work and we decided to plant some flowers and herbs indoors.  Some containers drain and some do not so we'll see what happens.

After our planting we spent the afternoon outside making a new 4-wheeler trail and collecting pallets out of the barn to make an official compost area.  We also cleaned out the front flower beds and worked up an appetite   Heart shaped tortillas with PB&J for the kiddos:) 

After lunch we rode 4-wheelers and hauled logs Rusty had sawed up a while back.  During the riding time we found a huge muddy spot in the field and played in that for a while.


After the 4-wheelers were clean we ALL took a bath or shower and I turned on a program for the kids to watch and popped popcorn.  The little 2 skipped naps, always have mixed feelings about that one!

While they sat and watched and ate I ran around a like a crazy person trying to clean up the house and get things ready for Rusty to come home.  I actually planned on cleaning and picking up during the day and when the warm sun came out all my plans were quickly tossed out the door (and we went with them).  We were going to make individual heart shaped pizzas but as time was out we thought of this...

 They loved it!  I completed it with salad and strawberry Fanta.  Benjamin even saved half of his Fanta for today.  He recognized it as a treat and for the very first time was able to save something sweet.  It is usually instantly devoured or consumed or inhaled.  Hope's Fanta lasted about 2.2 seconds:)

Hope and Benjamin went to bed from the table (no naps). Rusty and Andrew enjoyed brownie sundaes and we played a couple of games with Andrew and then watched videos of interesting animals online.  (The videos started because Aubrey called and said she was stung by a Portuguese Man of War and I had no idea what that even was.  She didn't either, she picked it up intentionally.)  

It was a fun day and I think Andrew felt loved!