Saturday, May 18, 2013

three today

Yep, its hard to believe but Hope is the big 3 today!

Rusty and I have been at a home school/parenting/discipleship conference for 3 days.  Last night we decided to knock off early tonight so we could celebrate Hope's life.  

She has been anticipating her birthday for a long time now. 

It was 2 years ago today that she officially became ours, we passed court in Rwanda.



There is more personality in this little body than you can imagine.

Aubrey along with MaSue and Andrew decorated while we were at our conference.  

Balloons, streamers galore and signs were carefully placed in the house... all while Hope was napping.

She was so excited!  We made it home to see her come down from her nap and walk into the brightly decorated room.  

Opening presents was a joy.  When we were tell her that "this is from Andrew" she would say "no" and then reluctantly walk over and give Andrew (or whoever) the gift.  She couldn't grasp the "FROM" part of opening presents.

My camera ran out of battery so we only took a few pictures:(

But it is a day we will not quickly forget.  Oh, and she got gum... she has been waiting for MONTHS to chew gum.  

We LOVE this girl and all her spunk!

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