Monday, July 29, 2013

worship in remera

We left at 8am headed for Remera to worship this morning.  Our trip there allowed me to see and experience a few of the thousand hills of Rwanda from the seat of the bus.  The Elders, church members and children were waiting for us to arrive.  They knew guests were coming.  Worship had already begun.  The Elders greeted us and then we walked in the through the church to the seats they had saved for us in the front.  All eyes were on the muzungus!

Three different choirs sang and danced and then most of our group sang a couple of songs as well.  One father on our trip has written 14 #1 country songs and the church loved him and his guitar.  They called him back up to play 3 more times, it was great and he was more than willing.  We took turns dancing during worship and these people celebrate more at offering time than any other time.  If you are not able to give money you can give items instead and then the church auctions them off during the service. There were lemons, limes, oranges, eggs and a bag of sorghum.  We even had an engagement ceremony.  The service was over 3-4 hours long and I am told that was short.  When it let out we exited the church first so the 2,500-5,000 people attending could greet us outside (I heard 2 different numbers and I don't know which was more accurate). The church filled every square inch and people gathered all around the building.  After a time a meeting and greeting many of the Rwandans we ate lunch the church had prepared for us, it was fantastic.  I even ate my first passion fruit.

Today was a great experience.  After resting a bit we ate dinner and then sorted through our VBS stuff and I helped Ebralie sort and count t-shirts to hand out at the end of VBS.

Some faces from today, young and old love their picture taken:)

This woman smiled and clapped her hands when she saw the picture of herself on my camera.

Off to another day!

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