Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the first offical squirrel hunt

This morning Rusty woke Andrew up at 5:45, they took their guns and headed into the woods.  Andrew has been dying to go squirrel hunting since the season opened on the 24th.  I made a pot of coffee, grabbed my bible and some school work and headed to the front porch.  It was a very pleasant 60 degrees this morning. I sat on the porch eager to hear gun shots, hoping that Andrew would bring at least one home.  A little after 7:00am they came through the back yard, Andrew with a squirrel in hand.  After breakfast the hunters cleaned their prize and had a quick science lesson on the organs (pic included) of a squirrel as they skinned and cleaned the squirrel.

and this morning beauty always brings a smile with her presence and personality!

rockin the headband and hair style, or lack there of:)
Now to decided how to prepare the squirrel!

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