Tuesday, March 4, 2014

getting close(r) to spring

Basically I have A LOT to say and since I really don't know where to begin I am just going to mostly post pictures.  I can't put words into all these experiences that have happened since the end of December... Almost losing my mom, open heart surgery for my mom, adoption/foster care conferences, raising kids from hard places, raising kids in general, home schooling, heating with wood because our downstairs unit has not worked this winter, predators eating our chickens, marriage, church turmoil, two new puppies, an injured cat, slaughtering pigs, American Heritage Girls, Room In The Inn and a broken person who desperately needs Jesus (me)... to mention a few!

Everyone's life is full, usually full of what they choose to fill it with.  We are just one big ole mess over here but we love each other, most days, and laugh together everyday and yell at each other some days, too. Need to embrace the good and change and let go of the bad.


Hope lotion-ed herself!

Andrew did great with these pigs, they are gone now... taste good:)  We have kept and sold the pork.

Not too sure about giving pigs a bath... this was before the show.

Bath one of two!

One of the shows.  Andrew did AWESOME for his first time!  He came home with a handful of ribbons!

Gotta keep it light, thanks, Daddy!

Hope loves to HELP in the kitchen no matter what is going on!

The kids put on a family circus one Friday night...

The ring master...

Our new pups, little giants!!  Copper and Daisy!

Sisterly love.  Hope thinks the world of Aubrey who is affectionately known as sissy many days.

This is my early birthday present!  Since I like dirt, you know, to grow things in!  Benjamin is a very thoughtful child.  He has learned how to receive and give care in a beautiful ways!

Helping again!  Just a little ashy:) I had to wash the cucumber real well when she was finished;)

School days...

The rescued sparrow.  Yep, it got loose in the house and enjoyed sitting in my setvia plant!

Why not house it in a cat carrier?  Because it can get out and then the cat can catch it again... not a happy ending.

Using Andrew's school project to start some herbs to plant outside this spring!

Library visits have begun again, the kids are thrilled!

Our little farm girl.  There is not an animal she doesn't like or a piece of equipment she doesn't want to ride!  And she loves the dirt!

This is my birthday gift.  Time.  The time it takes Rusty to put our old trampoline parts with my brother's old trampoline parts to create a greenhouse for me!  Looking good so far!

So I am ready to say good-bye to this winter and welcome in spring with open arms.  This has been a busy and tough winter but I am so thankful that I serve a mighty God who deeply and fiercely loves me despite all my many flaws!

My brother is in PA today with most of my mom's family remembering the life of my Uncle Dean.  A very thoughtful, generous, intentional and friendly man who will be greatly missed.
TOP: Uncle Dean, Dad, Aunt Janice, Uncle Keith (the ones that married into the family)
BOTTOM: Aunt Margie, Mom, Grandma, Uncle David, Aunt Bonnie

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